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I'll be adding some more brands soon! Stay posted or follow @type1diabetic_life on Instagram for cool swag, treats, and inspo. I am not sponsored in any way for any of the following brands (that would be nice):

REAL GOOD FOODS - Easy low-carb pizza's, poppers, enchiladas and snacks made with all-natural chicken breast or cauliflower crust. Click here to view their store locator.

THE CEREAL SCHOOL - The first low carb cereal (5g net carbs per bag) with great taste we've actually managed to bolus for on point! Pair it with either Premier Protein or Fairlife milk for a LCHPHF quick and easy breakfast or on-the-go snack! See details on our Instagram post @type1diabetic_life. This is a must-have for busy pancreas momagers!

HALO TOP - deliciously creamy ice cream with moderate carbs, but not as low GI as Artic Zero or Enlightened (see Good Glucose Snacks page for more).

PROYO TREATS - the best and only ice cream I can find high in protein and fiber and low fat, sold at Ralphs. Check their site for retailers near you.

PREMIER PROTEIN - The best tasting, lowest carb and major high protein "shake" we could find either at Target, Sprouts, or We usually give Coral 1oz Fairlife milk with 2oz Premier Protein vanilla shake before bed on nights where she refused to eat her dinner to prevent constant stubborn lows overnight. Click the link to view their nutrition facts, flavors and more info.

QUEST PROTEIN - protein bars, cereal, powder, chips and cookies high in protein and fiber. Also available on

SUN WARRIOR PROTEIN - natural protein powder replaces the protein your T1dLittle may be lacking and needs to maintain stable BGs for longer than an hour post-prandial (after meals) or when fasting

HAPPY FAMILY BRANDS - mindful snacks made by families for families

DEXCOM - continuous glucose monitor

ANIMAS - insulin pump system (now operated by Medtronic)



SUGAR MEDICAL - Diabetes supply cases, Omnipod gel skins and more! Keeps all your necessities organized daily or while traveling.

FREESTYLE LITE METER and STRIPS - requires only 0.3uL of blood to test and can continuously add to the test strip within 60 seconds

MY IDENTITY DOCTOR - medical alert bracelet on
Daily diabetes kit or "D-kit" - Chill Pack on
Tegaderm - adhesive dressing used beneath and over her Dexcom, a method we call the Tegaderm Sandwich, available on Amazon

Opsite Flexifix - adhesive tape on a roll to add onto old sites to keep them on longer. We trim excess Tegaderm edges and add the Opsite over it. Also available on Amazon.


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Dexcom G6 Review

It's been almost 30 days since we made the switch from Dexcom's G5 to G6 continuous glucose monitor or CGM system. We had a pretty positive experience for the most part, but the G6 definitely still has some kinks to work out. I'll address each and every issue we came across, list some pros and cons, and a comparison between the two systems.

The Good (Pros)Smaller profile - transmitter is slimmerNew touchscreen receiverDexcom claims it lasts up to 10 days of useDexcom claims sensor accuracy should not be affected by acetaminophen medicationLess finger pokes requiredNo calibration neededBetter algorithm - we have experienced better accuracy overall with both blood glucose (BG) readings and trend arrows with the G6 versus the G5 algorithm.Easy-to-use one-touch applicator - self-retracting needle leaves sensor in placeLess pain upon insertion of sensor  The Bad (Cons) Due to smaller profile, old sensor must be removed in order to "pop" transmitter out of clear sensor…

Probing the Pod: In-Depth Review

It's been four weeks since we switched from the Animas OneTouch Ping to the Omnipod insulin pump. We like it for the most part, but there are some issues that require serious attention as we believe the majority of Podders may not even be aware of the matter. That will be discussed along with a comparison between the Ping and the Pod and a list of the Pods pros and cons. This particular article is not meant to stray or convince anyone to make any decisions about going from MDI to pumping or selecting the Omnipod in general. It is primarily for informative, experiential purposes and always focused on what we feel is best for our precious Coral.

So far, the most pertinent issue we've discovered is the lack of insulin delivery accuracy. This is largely due to the multiple plastic parts in the Pod itself (see Figure A below). Not necessarily due to any foods, absorption, or hormones. We know this because we've been logging her BGs, doses, basals, and carbs with the Dexcom G5 …

Fiasp First Try

We finally got our new Endo to prescribe us Fiasp! For those who don’t know, Fiasp (fee-asp) is the latest and fastest mealtime insulin manufactured by Novo Nordisk available in a FlexTouch Pen or vial. It is advised that you take the same safety precautions before using Fiasp as you would any other fast-acting insulin such as Novolog or Humalog. Fiasp is considered a rapid insulin because it contains the addition of niacinamide (vitamin B3) and a formulation-stabilizing amino acid (L-Arginine). B3 increases speed of initial absorption while amino acid aids in the stabilization of the formulation.
Our First Try She was over 300 before dinner - ideal for testing this out. No thanks to "low" binge eating in the car while I was driving after leaving the Spring Festival with a cup full of treats. I didn’t wanna give her a full pre-bolus for the snacks since she ran around so much at the playground, but I stacked her insulin as needed. We were soon on our way to pick up her Fisa…